The company and our production...

Our know-how

Our company employs seven full time employees.
The vineyard covers 83 hectares, on which, each year, 4000 hectoliters of wine is produced, about 465 000 bottles (all titles combined).
Carte des appellations
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Our production covers nine different appellation areas:
For white wines: Entre deux Mers - Haut Benauge, Bordeaux Blanc, Cadillac, Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux Blanc, Sauternes.
Pure red wines: Bordeaux Rouge, Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux Rouge, Saint Emilion.
For our Rosé wine: Bordeaux Rosé.
Only the production of the vineyards of our property is sold.


Our grapes

Bernard et Nadine Dubourg

For red grapes: 24 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, 36 hectares of Merlot
For white grapes: 7,5 hectares de Sauvignon, 14 hectares de Sémillion et 1,5 hectares de Muscadelle
under the sun of the clay and limestone plateaus of Bordeaux.

Winegrowers from father to son, we follow the grape fom harvest with the respect for tradition and know-how of the great wines of Bordeaux.


             Sauternes                                                                                           Photos © Jérôme Tainguy