A family story...


Two centuries of family history  

For over two centuries, Dubourg Vineyards produce wine of Bordeaux on their family vinery.
The Agricultural Private Partnership (company) , is located in Escoussans, thirty-five kilometers south of Bordeaux on the right bank of the Garonne.

For over two centuries, the Dubourg Vineyards have been a family farm. Each generation has developed the company as regards the vineyard area as well as the level of marketing.

In the late 60s, Nadine and Bernard dramatically changed the vineyard, including appellations of Sauternes and Saint-Emilion. They also developed the marketing through direct sales by offering an increasingly wide range of wines and by a direct contact with customers on multiple trade shows and fairs.

Valérie has been in charge of the administrative and financial department of the structure since 1999. If you just knock on the door of our office it's her who will welcome you and you will taste our wines. she also handles the marketing.

valerie dubourg
Benoît has been in charge of the winery (cellar master) and vineyards  (vineyard manager) since 1995. He manages the 85 hectares of property spread over nine areas designations, and leads the design of the 640 000 bottles that come out of our cellars every year.

Benoît is supported in his decisions by analysis and advice from our winemaker: Henri Ducourneau

benoit dubourg
                                   Saint Emilion.            Photos © Jérôme Tainguy.